Bagagem de mão de e para os Estados Unidos

A bagagem de mão em voos de e para os Estados Unidos está sujeita a diversas restrições, as quais passamos a informar:

TSA has changed security screening procedures at all U.S. airports, banning liquids and gels at security checkpoints and aboard flights. You will not be permitted to bring any liquids or gels past the screening checkpoint or on board, with a few exceptions.

We allow small doses of liquid medications through the security checkpoint and onboard airplanes, a slight adjustment from the original ban, which was implemented on August 10.

We also now require all passengers to remove their shoes so they may be X-rayed with their carry-on bags.

Before you fly read our guidance on prohibited items. Here is our complete list of Permitted and Prohibited Items.

Beverages purchased in the boarding area beyond the screening checkpoint will not be allowed on board, and must be consumed before boarding.

In the event a Security Officer identifies a prohibited item in your baggage, you will be required to either place that item with your checked baggage or dispose of it at the checkpoint.

We suggest that you pack all liquids and gels including shampoo, toothpaste, perfume, hair gel, suntan lotion and all other items with similar consistency in your checked baggage to minimize any delays at the screening checkpoint.

While we can not provide a comprehensive list of items you may be carrying, to ensure the health and welfare of certain air travelers the following items are permittedyou are permitted to bring:

While baby formula, breast milk, and certain medications will be permitted past the screening checkpoint and on board, please be aware that these items will be subject to physical inspection. You will not be required to taste these liquids in the presence of a security officer.

Electronic Devices

Laptop computers, cellular phones, iPods, and other portable electronic devices are allowed on board an aircraft. These items must still be screened at the security checkpoint.

Cosmetic Items

Toothpaste, shown here, and all liquids and gels - including shampoo, perfume, hair gel, suntan lotion and all other items with similar consistencySome solid or powdered cosmetics items are permitted past the checkpoint; however, this is left to the discretion of the Security Officer. To minimize delays and hassle, we recommend that you pack all cosmetics in your checked baggage.

These polices apply to ALL flights departing from or arriving in the United States. For flights to the United Kingdom, TSA security officers will perform an additional physical inspection of all carry on baggage at the departure gate. For all other flights, random gate inspections will be conducted.

Please note that for flights originating in the United Kingdom, local policies regarding carry on baggage will apply. These policies tend to be more stringent than United States policy. You may wish to check with you air carrier for additional details on United Kingdom requirements.

Nota: Este artigo está escrito em Inglês, caso necessite de mais informações ou ajuda na sua tradução, contacte-nos.