T5 Heathrow – o drama das bagagens

O drama das bagagens e dos voos cancelados no novo Terminal 5 (T5) de Heathrow continua conforme relata a Sky News:

“Thousands of suitcases belonging to disgruntled British Airways passengers are sitting in an Italian warehouse waiting to be sorted and – hopefully – reunited with their owners.

The baggage is being loaded into trucks from Heathrow and driven the 1,000 miles across Europe to Milan.

There they are sorted, covered in cellophane and their owners contacted to let them know their bags have been found.

Onboard Express have been working with BA for 10 years handling their lost and found in Italy and Germany.

Now they have been hired as their problem-solving “contingency plan” when things go wrong at Heathrow.

Onboard Express were called in twice last summer – when the chaos was worse – and alerted last Thursday when Terminal 5 baggage handling went into meltdown.

Four days later, the first trucks carrying 1,000 suitcases arrived at the warehouse at Rodano, close to Milan’s Linate airport.

Chief Executive Giovanni Tinelli said: “When there is a problem at Heathrow BA call us in to help them out.

“All the luggage for western Europe, not including England, is sent to us where we sort it, cellophane, it call the owners and forward the bags.

“We have had three trucks so far with 1,000 bags but we may get more over the next few days.

“An email will arrive telling us that a truck has left and a day or so later it arrives here.

“At the moment we are working around the clock and it should take five days from when a bag reaches us to be forwarded to the owner.”

Mr Tinelli would not say how much the contract was worth – although a Porsche Carrera was in the company car park.

Piled up outside the warehouse were several metallic cargo containers bearing the British Airways logo and which are used to carry cargo on flights.

Mr Tinelli opened up the doors of his 2,000sq m warehouse to show where the suitcases were stored, lined up in rows like soldiers on parade.

A request to BA in both London and Milan to photograph the scene was denied.”