Já conhecem o site da WalkTalkTours? Um conceito diferente para uma visita de cidade…

Escolha um dos guias que pretende, descarrege o mapa e o ficheiro mp3. Copie o ficheiro para o seu Ipod ou leitor de MP3 e visite a cidade escolhida acompanhado do guia, ao seu ritmo e na altura que lhe apetece. Ainda só estão disponíveis guias para Londres, York e Edimburgo.

Nas palavras do próprio site:

“City tours have come a long way from trudging after a man with an umbrella across town and are now more accessible than ever. You can download our tours from this website onto your computer and transfer them to your iPod, MP3 or mobile phone music player. This enables you to take a tour at your convenience.

Each professionally produced Walk Talk Tour comes with a Walk Talk Tour Plan, a downloadable map, which is easy to follow ensuring you don’t miss anything.

Each Tour can be comfortably completed in two hours, but may take longer if you decide to visit attractions or stop for refreshments.

To help you plan your day, each Tour has a Where and When page which tells you when venues are open, gives contact details, including web links and indicates whether admission charges apply.

All the Tours are presented in English. The London tours are also available in French, German and Spanish.

Typical Tour Statistics
Commentary Length: 45 minutes
Zip MP3 File size: 35 Megabytes
Download time: 2 – 6 minutes”