Se pretendes reservar tours económicos nas principais cidades mundias, então este serviço é para ti. Através da nossa parceria com a Hostelsworld pomos à tua disposição a possibilidade de através do nosso site proceder à reserva de tours em todo o mundo, com confirmação imediata e pagamento através do teu cartão de crédito com total segurança.

Preços e Reservas


Dúvidas e Informações

Is accommodation included in the tour price?
If accommodation is included it will be stated under ‘Need to Know’ in the ‘TOUR DETAILS’ section of the tour details. Note: sometimes accommodation is provided but is not included in the tour price. This will be stated in the tour description.

What days/dates does the tour depart?
This information is given under INFO & RATES. The tour departs on the days that are marked in blue.

What time does the tour depart?
Departure and return times are outlined in the TOUR DETAILS section. If there is more than one departure time given, then you will need to contact the tour company after booking to inform them which tour you wish to take.

Where does the tour depart from?
This information will be given in two places: (A:) in the TOUR DETAILS section of the tour under ‘Pickup Points’, and (B:) on your confirmation email after booking. Some tours will provide hostel/hotel pick up, while some will give the location and directions to the meeting place.

Is it possible to join a tour at a later stage if I miss the departure?
Generally this is not possible. It depends on the particular tour. You can use the ‘Ask Us A Question’ option in the ‘ADDITIONAL INFO’ section to check this with the tour company.

Do you take guests that are under 18 years?
Some tours require all their guests to be over the age of 18; some require adult supervision with any guests younger than 18 years; some tours have no age restrictions.

How fit do I need to be to take the tour?
The level of fitness required for each tour is outlined in the TOUR DETAILS section. This rates each tour from ‘low physical fitness’ to ‘extreme physical fitness’. This will give an indication of the difficulty of the tour. You can contact the tour company directly if you have any concerns. If you suffer from heart conditions, nervous disorders or may be pregnant, it is recommended that you contact the tour company before booking to check that it is ok to take the tour.

How do I find information on the optional extras that come with the tour?
You will be able to contact the tour company after booking to get any additional information required.

Can I get contact details for the tour company?
No, we cannot give out the phone number or office details of any tour company.

Making a Reservation

How do I book my tour?
You can make a confirmed reservation by choosing the month you wish to take the tour and clicking on BOOK NOW. You will then be shown the exact dates that the tour departs on. By choosing the number of people you wish to book for, and the date of your tour, you can proceed to book your place(s) by paying a deposit*online. *Note: some tours require payment of the full tour price on booking. This will be outlined in the payment details before you book.

I want to book for one person, but the minimum number that is available to book for is 2. What does
This means that the tour requires a minimum of 2 people per booking. You cannot book for just one person if the option is not given to you.

Is it possible to book for a group of people?
The maximum number of people allowed per booking is shown when you click on the arrow to choose the number of ‘Guests’ for your tour.

Is it possible to book a private/chartered tour?
No, only set-itinerary tours can to be booked.

Do I need to pre-book or can I just turn up on the day I wish to take the tour?
We strongly recommend that you pre-book your tour. While some tours will allow you to book when you arrive you risk disappointment as we cannot guarantee your place without a confirmed booking.

Payment and Cancellations

Are the prices shown per tour or per person?
All prices shown are per person.

When do I need to pay the balance of the tour?
The tour companies’ payment terms and conditions will be given on your confirmation email after you have booked. If payment is required before arrival, you will need to contact the tour company after booking to arrange payment.

What methods of payment can I use to pay the balance?
You will need to contact the tour company directly after booking to arrange this. Credit card or bank transfers are the most common methods.

Do you offer student/child discounts when booking online?
Generally there is only one price per tour. Tour companies will sometimes offer a student or child discount. If these are available, it will be outlined in the INFO & RATES section. The discount is then given on the balance due to the tour company.

What does a ‘supplement’ refer to under tour extras?
A supplement refers to additional money needed for extras on the tour. For example, if you require a single room instead of the dormitory/double rooms that are provided, there may be a Single Room Supplement, or extra money that you need to pay for this service.

What happens if I need to cancel my tour?
Cancellation conditions differ from tour to tour. Generally, cancellation within 24 hours of arrival incurs a penalty of the full price of the tour. Some companies, however, require cancellation much earlier than this. These details will be given on your confirmation email after booking. You can use the ‘Ask Us A Question!’ option in the ‘ADDITIONAL INFO’ section to check this out before booking if necessary.