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Who we are

Founded in Lisbon, in 1981, by Armando Fernandes and Elisabete Fernandes. Its mission will be to create an Agency with a simple and dynamic structure, which, supported by the best technologies and tools of each era, would be able to respond quickly to the requests of a growing market.

Over the years, and the changes in the Portuguese tourist market, Diplomata Tours has always realized that the most important thing was the customer and the level of service provided, as such, the company has always invested in training its staff, through recycling courses, recognition trips to various destinations, etc...

The company, over the years, has achieved sustained growth, the result of a rigorous management of resources, and the creation of strong relationships with customers and suppliers in order to reach the world tourist market in excellent conditions.

Our sales team is made up of two elements that have worked with Diplomata Tours for several years, they are Maria José Madeira and Maria João Ramos. 

In addition to organizing travel packages or business trips, our sales team over the years has already organized dozens of large events, such as congresses, incentive trips, group trips..., not forgetting all of the company's own programming. Diplomat Tours (Cities, Thalassotherapy, Honeymoons, Islands, Algarve, Snow, etc...).
Recently, a new department was launched at Diplomata Tours, the incoming department, which is able to respond to all the needs of foreign tourists who want to visit our country.

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